Spontaneity can help enliven our spirits. Spontaneity does not have to be wild and crazy. 

For example, while in France recently with my daughter @chamonix before heading to our hotel room we roamed the streets for a few hours (hoping to beat jet lag!) Absorbing the architecture, fashion and culture, we also found ourselves admiring the Parisian women strolling the streets. For many, their make up was simple, yet often topped off with red lips in a variety of deep to vibrant shades and tones. 

Upon arrival at our hotel room, we discovered a gracious welcoming by the team at @LancomeOfficial who had surprised us with an exquisite bouquet of flowers, some amazing face creams and luscious red lipstick!

With lack of confidence in make up application skills and our naturally larger lips, we stood in front of the mirror experimenting. Now if you’ve ever tried to wear red lipstick, you know it’s “a look.” And when you’re not used to it, it’s a big double-take look!

Still, we decided to embrace spontaneity and the old slogan: When in France, do like the Parisians!” So out we went for our first night ever in Paris with our big red lips! 

Let me tell you this: It was spontaneous, fun, and I wanted to plant a big red kiss on the cheeks of every person who smiled back at me!  

Spontaneity can be as simple as a new shade of lipstick or maybe it’s growing or shaving a mustache or parting your hair differently! Find your personal brand of spontaneity and let it loose! Please tell me all about it! 

PS: This is NOT an ad. This is me saying thank you to Team @LancomeOfficial for getting me to try red 💄 Spontaneity is a wonderful thing!!! Sometimes it takes a nudge from another for us to embrace the mood and act!  Go inspire spontaneity for yourself and others today! 

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