Think of your time as a currency because in a way it is. For example, we trade it for money and a livelihood when we work, exchanging our time and energy for dollars. 

By seeing our time as a currency, we start to see more clearly that just like we choose what we will buy with our money, we also get to decide how we’ll spend our time. 

No matter how we woke up, the choices we will make during the day, are endless. While the day might be rainy, this doesn’t mean we have to get wet or drown. We get to choose to be happy or sad. We can choose to listen or talk. We can choose to think before speaking. We can choose to raise our hopes and see possibilities in the day or feel hopeless and despondent. We can choose to feel excited or bored. 

It all starts by choosing what we will or won’t do and also whether we’ll exercise our choice now or later. 

We each got a life. We have the power to make choices about how we want to live it. We get to visualize and manifest with our actions. Today’s a good day to start. Time is ticking…

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