Stop Aging? No way! Wrong message. That is not what Silver Disobedience is about at all!

Slow the biological impact of aging factors? Yes! Be as healthy as possible? Yes! Stay metabolically and mentally strong? Absolutely! Enjoy the emotional fortitude we’ve built from working through countless relationship challenges? Yes!  But, stop all the wisdom that has accrued and continues to amass from our minute-to-minute existence, that cumulatively becomes known as our age? Absolutely NOT!

We each still have plenty of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual space available that is ready to be developed!  Here and now!

That said, we all want to do our best to disrupt how aging is perceived. We want to be physically and mentally as strong as possible until our last breath. This is what this blog is all about.

Changing the perceptions of age, doing what we can to enjoy every year with maximum capacity of our faculties…while understanding and embracing each year as priceless gifts. 

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