We have all wondered:  “Why couldn’t I have known all ‘this’ when I was younger?”

This thought really zooms into the essence of learning which is: We learn when we are ready. 

We have been surrounded by teachers throughout our entire lives. Since the day we were born parents, caregivers, doctors, friends, traditional school teachers, children and many of the strangers we’ve met along our journeys, have been both purpose-fully and un-intendedly teaching us lessons. Even “environments” are teachers. The list of potential teachers in our lives and opportunities to learn, was and still is endless.

Yet, did we always listen? No. Did we always learn? Maybe. Do we listen today? Possibly. And this doesn’t mean we’re bad students!

The fact is, unconsciously we always hear the message; but, we choose to move it to the conscious level of our awareness and understanding when we are ready to receive the meaning of the lesson. When our lives have shifted in such a way, that the realization of not understanding becomes most uncomfortable, teachers appear and learning begins. Life seems to collide the moment and messenger: Like a meteor exploding on impact as it hits Earth, we are suddenly opened to hearing new ideas and perspectives, thinking about their impact in our lives, and interpreting their meaning to us in a personal way that helps us cope, manage and understand what happened or is happening.

We’re ready when we’re ready. Period. End of the story for today.

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