As we age, we often tell each other, “You’re looking good….” with the subtext being…” for your age.”

I propose we all start changing the phrase to: “You’re looking wonderful.” After all, “wonderful” is an adjective describing something that arouses “wonder.” Don’t other people regularly arouse wonder in you?  I wonder what people are thinking? I wonder why we choose to do certain things? I wonder what others would be like if I really got to know them? I wonder how other people feel about so many things that happen in life? I wonder about the ways people choose to express themselves? Can you imagine how many smiles we could bring to the world if we started acknowledging our wonderment of others?

“Wonderful” is not a possession of the young nor old. Yes, I know there are some pretty wonderful pictures out in the world of models, celebrities and others…and that is wonderful! They add interesting color to the world. But seriously, I also know what I look like when I’m tired—and I certainly know the magic an amazing stylist, makeup and hair team can create, along with a great photographer who understands lighting…and of course, who can resist the remarkable effects possible with any number of filters—also known as the Social Media Facelift?!

Let’s get back to recognizing the wonderful nature of individuality and start a new trend. Let’s all cheer our wonder of others. Let’s practice being wonder-full and full of wonder.  This is #SilverDisobedience  What do you think?

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Video by Rich Kissi