If you haven’t seen the Metallica movie: “Some Kind of Monster,” I highly recommend it. The downside is it is long. Also, if you don’t care for Metallica’s music, plug your ears or fast forward through those parts. The reason I truly love the movie is that to me it is about becoming something bigger than one’s self. In this case it involves 4 distinctly different personalities finding their way to become one mega force in music. 

To become something bigger than we are today requires pushing through all kinds of ego issues (and egos are incredibly strong forces grounded in fear.) So, becoming our biggest, baddest, bestest self is no easy feat. Yet, if we can push through our ego and and fears, to become connected with our truest selves: To be at one with who we are; comfortable with expressing ourselves; and not always worrying about what everyone else thinks? Then, we truly are monstrous and monstrously powerful.  

Monsters in the traditional “movie” sense are portrayed as scary. But to become monstrous? I think it’s awesome because it means we’ve left our ego behind and instead are embracing the essence of who we were meant to be. We actually have chosen to love ourselves vs. demanding that others love us so we can then love ourselves, too.

Not everyone will be on board for our monstrous journey, but just like a train picks up and lets off passengers, we’re not all going to the same destination. We all get to choose where we want to go. And once we boldly decide to connect with our ❤️ and listen closely to who we really want to be — and believe that God wants us to be “all that too” (because even if you don’t believe in God, believe me that there is a Divine Force that wants to help you to “be all that….”) new people will start coming along who are on similar journeys — and those who love us will “come around” too! Try it. Don’t sell yourself short. Suddenly you’ll understand why so much of the joy of Life is the trip. I’m in no rush to reach my final destination. 

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