I don’t worry too much about failing, but I can get myself almost into a full blown stress attack if I feel like I’m not trying. I don’t know why my personality is this way, but I’ve come to accept it, almost as a game of solitaire that I play with myself. While I once used to fear ideas like meditating, believing that sitting still was taking me away from getting all necessary things done on my real and imaginary lists, I have come to realize that when I stop and breath, I actually set the stage to get more done, far more efficiently — including things I hadn’t yet imagined. When I close my eyes for 10-15 minutes — focusing solely on my breathing — an amazing thing happens: I open my eyes with a deep sense of calm and peace that is usually accompanied by new ideas, answers and solutions.  

Whereas once I was afraid, mostly I live in a state of enthusiasm. If and when I do feel a tingling a fear? I’ve gotten pretty good at changing the channel to Action News. My thoughts are focused on “what if I…” possibilities that I try to couple with action. It makes me I believe I’m getting closer.

I don’t always know what I’m getting closer too.  I’m not even sure I’d want to know.  But I do know that I’ve made many plans, only to watch my life unfold differently. Still I wouldn’t change anything because each day and all the challenges have strengthened me. Likewise, I believe they’ve enhanced what I’ll call my wisdom. 

People come into our lives, some stay and sometimes they go. Situations arise, some linger, yet they pass. I am the constant in my life. You are the constant in yours. Our thoughts and belief are the glue that fill us with wonder, discovery and the energy to go on. The combination of it all adds up to create a life story.

That’s what I’m thinking about today.

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