Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Hmmm….Ever wonder if this is true? Basically the expression means that if there are rumors or signs that something is true, it must be at least partially true.  The expression implies there is some kind of evidence that some event is likely to unfold.

Perhaps when we see smoke, there is a fire…but could it possibly be that we’ve stepped out of the present moment and are looking to establish some frame of reference to feel more secure or to gain a sense of control over something that’s making us feel uncomfortable?

Before assuming the smoke equates to fire, perhaps we need to start asking questions? Being literal, we’d have to ask: Do we smell fire? See it? Feel a lot of heat? Or, do we just see what might be smoke…or something else.

The point is jumping to conclusions might be equally as risky as a fire.

If the situation is potentially dangerous, respond accordingly to those instincts. But otherwise, before we start acting on belief that “something’s burning,” with actions like gossiping, making assumptions, or maybe misinterpreting an innocent situation or remark — perhaps we first need to start asking questions and gathering information.

These are just a few musings to couple with a smokey image…that might be steamy subway smoke that’s more likely to wet my ankles vs. burn them…or it could be an artistic filter!

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