Our expectations in life can greatly affect outcomes. Did you know that believing aging equates to being feeble, absent-minded, weak or forgetful has been scientifically proven to be a self-fulfilling prophecy? Not only that, believing such bunk is more likely to trigger heart attacks and strokes.

The good news?  The opposite has also been proven to be self-fulfilling! Believing we’re getting better & more fun, while staying healthy & strong are recurring themes of how lively centurions see themselves.

So, it’s time to get real and smash these attitudes!

Call me a flake, if you want. I say I’m a realist who has seen positive attitude materialize favorable outcomes in all aspects of life time and time again for myself and countless others.

What we choose to believe will more likely than not become our reality. This is not a judgement on anyone or a denial that illness can occur and outside forces can really ruin our plans. They do and that is absolutely crappy. Rather, this getting ourselves into a mental mindset that views our day, our health, our lives in such a way that puts more responsibility into our hands, beginning with our thoughts.  IF we start thinking we’re healthy— our subconscious will work to align our actions to support these beliefs. Next, we’ll be doing what we need to make our ideas realities!

Everyone at every stage of life can be forgetful, stiff, or feeble if we don’t keep our mental and physical muscles stressed.  Think of how a baby instinctively stretches to loosen up; active teens who complain of ‘growing pains’ and needs to stretch to relieve tension; and Ronoldo or Venus who work on their mental & physical flexibility and strength to stay at the top of their games!

Today is a good day to try smashitude thinking! Life has countless phases and each can be uniquely robust & as exciting as any other phase of life if that’s how we choose to “see” it!

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