There are countless stereotypes as to what defines an “old” person. These are accompanied by myths as to what “older” looks like and “how old people act.” However, as with all stereotypes—most of them are simply not true.

Aging does not mean that Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness are inevitable. It doesn’t mean we’re all retired and sitting in rocking chairs (although many of us do love to rock!) Age doesn’t mean we’re less productive; technologically inferior; impossible to teach; void of sexuality; set in our ways and unable to change; uninterested in our physical being; lacking interest in fashion; driving 40 in the fast lane; not contributing to society; unable to make important decisions without a tribunal of family opinions; blah blah blah!

The reality is that each of us individually defines what every year of our life look likes. Just as no two people are identical, our perspectives on life at any age covers an equally vast spectrum.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience