Here are 63 things to be happy about today.  Seeds that turn into flowers. Things that you don’t have to work at that you really like doing. Removing a “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law” tag. Watering your plants. Thoughts while you are ironing or vacuuming. Carrying your groceries in a recyclable bag. Rising early. A morning coffee. Staying up late. Naps. The Law of Attraction. Giving and getting a smile. Getting assurance that you’re a-okay. A cozy favorite shirt. Singing. Dancing. Candle light. Sunrise. Sunset. Rainy days. 4pm sunlight. A home cooked meal. Trying a new recipe. Closets. A hot shower. A bubble bath. A nicely scented soap. A juicy piece of fresh fruit. Using your power for something good. A favorite rock. Closed eyes and a deep breath. A sharp point No. 2 charcoal pencil and paper. Helpfulness. Doing your own version of Jumping Jacks. Learning to say Hello in 5 different languages. Gathering stuff for a yard sale. Imagining the bulbs you can plant in the Fall for Spring flowers. Animals. Laughter. Helping worms back into the dirt after the rain. Frosting on a cake. Having a moral compass. Saying Y E S. Working out a problem. An afternoon tea. Pairing up your socks. Vintage anything. A toaster. A cozy blanket. Lists. Clean sheets. An old t-shirt. A broken in pair of blue jeans. A good story. Giving a thumbs up to a stranger. Music. Electricity. Old photos. Baby pictures. The big box of Crayola Crayons and the names of each color. A crisp classic white button down shirt. Leopard print. A youthful old age. Waking up. 

Silver Disobedience® philosophy believes all healthy relationships begin with self-awareness. I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience ✨ I am a Perception Analyst and I wrote The Silver Disobedience Playbook. Here, I share my Daily Meditations for other Ageless, Passionate & Curious People.  More info in my bio, my websites and at Wilhelmina New York