One of the most appealing aspects of retirement is the idea that, without full-time work obligations, life becomes simpler. And while you may not have a boss or customers or colleagues to occupy your day-to-day responsibilities, it doesn’t necessarily mean that life magically becomes less complicated and care-free on its own. For anyone looking to reduce chaos, stress and find some more Zen, here are three ways to simplify.

Let It Go: If you’re familiar with Disney’s Frozen, you’re familiar with the refrain to “let it go.” This can apply in several ways. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with objects gathering dust, or you are running out of closet space, or you are feeling guilty for having things that you may not be using, then decluttering might be a good idea. According to an article in Psychology Today, decluttering can create a sense of confidence, give you energy, reduce anxiety, and may even reduce tension in your relationships.

Disengage: In addition to saying goodbye to the physical baggage in your life, it is also healthy to eliminate any negativity that might be weighing you down. This might include unplugging every now and again from the TV and social media – particularly those outlets that are focusing on sensational reporting to keep you engaged with the news cycle. While it can be beneficial to stay informed, a study published in The British Journal of Psychology found that consuming negative news can exacerbate your worries – even if they are not related to what’s being reported.

Add Amenities:  Why do so many love resort vacations? Because resorts offer the freedom to do anything you might want, loads of fun activities and relaxation opportunities are at your fingertips, and – perhaps the best part – no chores! Should anything break down or not be to your satisfaction, you’ll likely get a swift response offering a solution. The secret is this can be possible, too, in everyday life— and is why some seniors who are age 55+ are trading in home ownership for resort-like living in retirement communities like Brookdale Senior Living. In fact, according to an article in U.S. News and World Report, “downsizing to a condo or retirement community can free up money by eliminating maintenance costs and other expenses related to home ownership.”

By adding simplicity to your life via reducing lingering sources of stress, you can truly have the time to focus on personal enrichment, pursue your passions and spend more time with the people that you love.  

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