#ad   One thing we almost certainly take for granted in our youth is the ability of our bodies to do what we want “on demand.” We can run a 5k without warming up, go hiking on a whim, pop into a fitness class after a late night out, or simply run after our children without slowing down or missing a beat.  As we grow older, we appreciate how amazing our bodies are and understand the importance of nurturing them. We develop a sense of the deep connection between the body and the mind – and how the right mindset can make our bodies feel better and stronger. We see how moving our bodies can balance our minds so we can think clearer and calmer. 

This is why I’m happy to tell you about #SilverSneakers which offers virtual classes for every fitness level as well as access to a network of up to 22,000 fitness locations nationwide, including national fitness chains, community-based locations and studio fitness options with instructors who are trained to support older adults and all fitness levels.  These classes are NO COST to those 65+ through select Medicare Advantage plans. If a busy schedule makes it hard to find time to go to a gym, there are more than 13,000 live, instructor-led classes each month as well as 300 classes in the SilverSneakers On- Demand library – available wherever you have an Internet connection. So, whether it’s yoga, circuit, or Zumba – or anything else your heart fancies – log on to SilverSneakers.com or the SilverSneakers GO app to learn more. In fact, you can even take a walking class virtually and try for 10,000 steps, which is one of my daily goals! 

Also, importantly – from now until Dec. 7, you can check to see if your Medicare Advantage plan offers SilverSneakers and, if not, you can change your selection for 2022. The program is proven to lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.