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  • How Actionable Gene Tests Could Benefit Caregivers’...

    Can the stress of caregiving be expressed in numbers? Yes, and the reality is sobering for those who have devoted their lives to the well-being of others unable to care for themselves. Learn more. SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • 13 Surprising Causes of Constipation

    The topic nobody (Hush…but everyone secretly) wants to discuss: Constipation. Check out the Super Pooper recipe in our Contributor section, and read this article that explains some surprising causes of constipation! SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Millions Bought Insurance to Cover Retirement Health Cost...

    Battered by losses, long-term-care insurers hit policyholders with steep rate increases that many never saw coming. Full article here in The Wall Street Journal. SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Golden Age Roommate

    Here’s a story about finding a roomate in your Golden Years…even though I think the title should have said, Silver!Ā  šŸ™‚ SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Healthiest Cities if You’re Thinking of Moving

    66% of Silver Disobedientsā„¢ say they wonā€™t be moving or selling the homes they’ve been living in. But, if you’re one of the other 34%, here’s a breakdown as to the Healthiest Cities in the USA. SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Keep the Change?!!!

    Want to get richer? Empty your pockets, wallets and purse of any change BEFORE you leave home to travel by plane. Traveler Beware!Ā  Read this… SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Night Owls…and Diabetes

    If you’re staying up too late, and not getting enough sleep, you might be increasing your risk for diabetes.Ā  Read more… SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Setting World Records at 100 Years Old

    Itā€™s that itā€™s never too late to get moving and never stop. MeetĀ Mieko Nagaoka became the first 100-year-old to complete a 1,500-meter freestyle swim in a 25-meter pool! SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Beating Cancer: Literally!

    This breast cancer survivor took up a fitness routine inspired by drumming and found herself in the best shape of her life. Silver Disobedience applauds her fortitude!   SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Old School Tips to Get Healthier at Every Age

    Here are old-school tips for getting healthier and staying in shape. I was lucky to be interviewed & I provided the first tip…’cause Silver Disobedience is Old School with a Twist! SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Tony Hawk Defying Gravity

    Defying gravity, Tony Hawk who’ll be 50 years old in 2018 is an ultimate example of Silver Disobedienceā„¢. Watch him flying through the air doing a 900 in this video…that he didn’t get first try. Perseverance King! SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Would You Drive an Autonomous Vehicle?

    This Deloitte study saysĀ 62 percent of Gen X and 56 percent of Boomer/Pre-Boomer consumers are receptive to the idea of autonomous driving cars. Read more… SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Yoga Benefits…

    Have you ever considered trying yoga or wondered about its popularity? This article explains yoga’s benefits from an age-positive perspective. SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Silver Disobedience Approved Style Tips for Women

    This AARP article offers some sound tips…I especially liked the idea of thinking of your silver and gray hair as “glitter”! Read more! SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

  • Leave the Canolas…

    Most of us likely remember the classic line from The Godfather: “Don’t forget the cannoli’s.” This article by researchers at Temple University explains why canola oil won’t help memory as we age. SharePinTweet+1Share0 Shares

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