1. What is your name?

Richard Effs

2. What is your age?


3. What kind of work do you do (or have you done)?

Self employed…and I just helped my 9 year old son Zion, who is an amazing skateboarder @ZionEffs start a new skateboard clothing company

4. What are your favorite hobbies?

Motorcycles. Skateboarding. Fishing

5. What excites you?


6. What are your plans for this year? Next year? Next five years?

To achieve everything I set out to do

7. What are some of your proudest achievements?

My children

8. What is the best thing about being your age?

Just being blessed to be able to make it to this age

9. Why are you interested in the Silver Disobedience movement?

Because my favorite person on the entire planet runs it

10. What advice would you give to other Silver Disobedience fans?

Just keep living to the best of your abilities. Love, laugh and enjoy this wonderful thing called life

11. What should advertisers and businesses know about your age group?

We run things…lots of things

12. What do younger people get wrong about people your age?

They think we are old

13. How is your outlook on life different today than it was in the past?

Not different, just wiser because you grow with life experience

14. What else would you like the world to know about you?

I am just a simple guy that loves simple things and family comes first

Where can people find you on Social Media?