(SD-SP) At this point in our lives, we have all made some pretty major decisions that have impacted us. Going to college, learning a trade, moving out of our parents’ house, moving to another state or city, taking that job you were offered, changing careers, getting married, remaining single, starting a family, not starting a family? Some of us may be at the time in our lives where we are facing perhaps the most important decision that will impact our future — where to spend the rest of our lives.

For those living in the Northeast and Midwest, the thought of forever escaping the frigid winters and snowfall may be a top priority (especially after the very snowy and cold winter we had this year!).  But whether you choose to plow through the winters— (do you still have fun making snow angels–with or without your kids or grandkids?)—or sail ahead to a warmer climate, the type of home or residence you choose to live in is as important of a decision as is the location. 

Some of us may choose to remain in our homes, and this could be a perfect choice!  If that is your choice, it’s important to make sure that your home is designed to “mature” with you!

Here are three things you might want to consider as you decide where to live:


One thing to think about is the comfort of your home vs. feeling comfortable in your home. While your current home may provide you comfort for many reasons—whether it’s because you raised your family there and you have made wonderful and lasting memories– looking ahead, will you feel comfortable living there as time moves on?  For instance, will you be able to climb all of those stairs?  Well, you can “take steps” now to make sure you are safe in the years ahead by installing sturdy railings on both sides of the stairs and eliminate runners from the bottom of the stairs!  Is your laundry room on the same floor as your living space?  Is your bedroom easily accessible to your kitchen if you want to safely get a drink from the fridge in the middle of the night? If so, those are certainly big pluses!   Your house or apartment may offer all the “comforts of home,” but will it be “comfortable” in five or ten years?  Independent living at Brookdale, with a variety of apartments designed with safety in mind, can offer all the comforts of your home, while also making you comfortable in your home.


Whether you currently live with a partner or alone, as time goes on you might have the need or desire to be closer to other people—those who can help you if you are under the weather, or who can keep you company.  Many of you may have already experienced your long-time friends moving away from your neighborhood as younger people move in to enjoy the same great place you have lived in for so many years.  And while you may have a lot of friends in your neighborhood, at some point in time they may decide to move away. Making your home in an independent living community can help you to make new friends and companions to share new memories with!


Let’s face it. While we may be fit, able and independent, at some point in our lives we may need to have someone provide us some assistance—whether it be with household chores, managing medications or helping us get ready to go out! If you remain in the comfort of your home, give some thought to whether or not there will be somebody around every time you need some extra help.  If that special someone would not be around all the time, you may give some thought to making the move to an independent living facility, where you can partake in all the activities they have to offer, and then, if and when the time comes when you need extra care, you can move into the assisted living section of that facility. Assisted living at Brookdale will provide continuity of those amenities that you receive, PLUS the added benefits of having the extra care when you need it, without having to make another major move. And you can be assured, too, that they offer a continuum of care, including skilled nursing care, home health care, as well as hospice, if these are ever needed.

Should you stay or should you go?  That’s totally up to you!  But it’s great to know that you have a lot of terrific options to choose from!