If I had to choose between being a sharp thinker vs. being clear — I’d choose clear thinking.

Sharp thinking focuses on facts and is quick to respond. Clear thinking knows the facts, understands the intangibles, derives strength from trusting intuition and may be slower in expressing a response.

While age might change how quickly we recall something and our sense of being “sharp” might shift, clear thinking comes from a peacefully confident state of being. To be a clear decision-maker one does not have to be old, but it does require experiences and a foundation of maturity.

When I am clear, I have no need to defend. I know there is nothing to defend. I’m comfortable with my thoughts, actions, beliefs and my being.

The more I’m quiet, taking in the conversation (and sometimes noise) without a need to share my point of view; the more I question without a need to espouse my opinion; the more I educate myself on the issues at hand; the more I balance my emotions without feeling a need to let them rip…the more clear I become, the more trusting I am with my intuition, the more confident I am that I don’t need to explain my be-ing or perspective. 

What do you think? 

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