When Isaac Newton declared: “What goes up, must come down,” he could have been taking about emotions. 

Coming into the holiday season days are filled with expectations, responsibilities, hopes, conversations, confrontations, emotions, mourning, disappointments and joys. These days are also often coupled with indigestion, lack of sleep, too much booze, traffic, crowds and other annoyances.

While some might believe they are feeling a bit of the post-holiday blues, most likely it’s just our emotions coming back into equilibrium, after riding high for an extended period of time.

The aftermath of holiday bustle leaves some of us tired; maybe coping with frigid temperatures, rain and less sun; colds, from getting run down; and more time to reflect on emotionally charged memories, that are possibly skewed due to all of the above.

IF your emotions are feeling low, this is a good time to try any of the following: Go see a comedy movie. Visit a museum. Take a walk. Have (another) dinner with friends—but ask everyone to bring a dish. Take a bath or allow yourself a shower until the hot water runs out. Go jam on your instruments with friends. Call those you haven’t been able to see, make plans to see them if possible. Ease back into an exercise routine if you got off track. Add some more fruit and veggies to counter all the sugar you’ve likely consumed. 

Remember emotions are e-motion = energy in motion. When emotions start overwhelming us, it’s like they are stuck in our bodies. The best strategy is to give them a physical release that will also make our bodies feel good. So this means a really great post holiday house-cleaning will leave you not only with a clean house…but feeling fabulous as well! 😉