What we have experienced and who we are is not the same thing. Yes, our experiences offered lessons and maybe insights into who we are, but experiences are not to be confused for who are.

Too often people recall a negative experience and for any number of reasons, they stay stuck in it, unable to move beyond its impact.  

Have you ever been stuck in a bad storm? Of course it’s happened. We’ve all had that day when we got pelted by heavy snow, sleet or rain. Did we stay wet? No. We dried off and moved forward. 

While you might think this is an elementary example: It is not. What happened yesterday is largely inconsequential to the choices we will make today. Today we have a whole new deck of cards: 1440 moments, in fact.

Yesterday could have been really crappy. Today it is our prerogative to decide how long we’ll wait to shake off the rain. 

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