Each of us has an entirely different sense of urgency towards anything happening and all that we want to happen. While we might wish we could get the answers exactly when we want them, that we could be certain, have assurances and ironclad guarantees — mostly time spent wishing is little more than expenditures of energy that might be better spent.

The more we accept that what’s urgent to us may not be on the top of someone else’s priority list, the more we get comfortable with doing what we need to do regardless of the choices and actions of others. More so, while we get comfortable doing, we are actually conditioning ourselves to get more comfortable with uncertainty. And ironically, the more we get comfortable with not needing answers from others regarding our self-set timelines, the more answers seem to keep coming in their own ways.  

Life doesn’t come with assurances. There’s only one guarantee. Not knowing everything between our arrival and departure times is the food of wonderment. 

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