(SD-SP) In the U.S. more than half of homes are selling above list price, according to recent reports. If you have been teetering with the idea about selling your home and moving to a senior living community, it might be time to make that a reality. Seniors are in a unique situation because they can sell their home in a high market without having to buy in the same market and consider an alternative—senior living.  Some may hesitate because of misperceptions about assisted living, one of the care levels offered at many senior living communities. Places like Brookdale offer different services based on your needs ranging from independent living to assisted living to memory care. Brookdale prides itself in offering a personalized approach to senior living so you can find the community that you fit right into. Below are three reasons why you might want to think about selling your home and joining a senior living community.

No More Home Maintenance

Home ownership is not only a lot of work but there are lot of hidden expenses, too. Think about all the time and effort spent trying to keep your home not only functioning properly but also clean and looking nice. It is only going to get more difficult (and expensive as more will need to be outsourced) the longer you live in it. At Brookdale, residents can enjoy all the amenities and more that your home offers without the maintenance. Chores like mowing the lawn can be replaced with hobbies like gardening. You will find that you have more time to enjoy hobbies when you aren’t maintaining a house! Find a senior living community that offers a robust calendar of activities.

No More Cooking (Unless You Want To!)

Dining should be a relaxing experience but that may rarely happen because you are always the cook! It is now time to let someone else prepare delicious meals from fresh ingredients for you to enjoy. The dining staff at Brookdale take pride in their culinary creations that are whipped up daily using a wide variety of flavors, styles, and taste profiles. But they also are happy to take requests or make a family recipe that you miss making (and eating!). Brookdale makes dining a social activity and offers an inviting environment where you can spend time enjoying a meal with friends and family. If you are not ready to completely say goodbye to cooking, some Brookdale locations offer kitchens (subject to availability) to cook when you want to! To do the dishes, or not to do the dishes… that is completely up to YOU!

No More Worrying From Your Family

Have you ever taken a mid-day nap and woke up to five missed calls from your daughter? Are your kids asking you to wear a device so if there is an emergency you can immediately call for help? Those are signs that you have a great family who care about you. Worries will lessen when they know you are at a senior living community. At Brookdale, staff makes it a priority to be available and responsive to the needs of residents and their families through their Resident and Family Connection team. This makes it easy for family members to be able to reach someone if they need to or get an update on their loved one.

So, is it time to take advantage of this seller’s market? After seeing what awaits you at Brookdale, you might want to get a real estate agent on the phone!