Getting a bit “self-ish” isn’t such a bad idea. Have you ever really listened to what your “self” is telling you it wants to do? Does your “self” need more relaxation, peace, self-love, exercise, fun—or something else it’s not getting? Getting a bit self-ish benefits ourselves and others as well because ultimately it’s a stress-reliever that makes us more pleasant. 

To practice a little self-ishness, try these ideas:

• Speak up! People can’t read our minds. It is our responsibility to tell others what we need. Don’t be a martyr expecting others to know your wants & needs. We have to tell them.

• Start doing what you want to do! Yes, you may have to work (as I do) but that’s about 40 hours of 168 in a week. What can you do that would add additional life satisfaction during the other 128 hours? Do something daily that feels really good! Why? It will enhance your energy and delightful nature.

• Notice your micro-achievements! Sometimes we ignore the small steps we’re making because we live in a world where everything done by others seems so stupendous. (Don’t believe it.) Give yourself credit for every step moving forward.

Remember: You are the time manager of your life! 

The more satisfaction we can eke out collectively over time, the more pleasant human be-ings we become for not only ourselves, but for all who have to deal with our shtick. 

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