Forgiving and forgetting are the two best strategies I can think of for having a good day and an overall pleasant life. I’ve been in business, self-employed, for over 40 years. I’ve dealt with all kinds of people on my entrepreneurial up and down journey. Those who know me well, marvel that through it all I’ve maintained a pretty good attitude towards others & life.

Of course I’ve been screwed many times & always by someone I really liked at first, otherwise I’d have protected myself better. Friends & co-workers often remind me of those times. But the irony is, I have what I can only label “Selective Senility.”  Like all of us, while we could collect an arsenal of reasons for bitterness, I genuinely don’t remember most negative incidents. I made the decision that certain things were just not worth remembering. It’s like our heads have only X-number of storage compartments: So, why would we want to fill them with junk?

Selective Senility is a choice. While some might think that this is a weakness, I believe it is a strength. In fact, I’d say it’s the root of power, not stupidity. It’s an empowering choice to forgive others, forget them and move on: This becomes their loss instead of ours because we choose to think enough of ourselves, knowing that smarter folks will value our association. So, the best revenge we can ever have against being done wrong, is to make the entire event irrelevant by forgetting it. Not allowing anything to hold power over us —in a way that contains our happiness—is how we own our own strength.

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