Aging is a lifelong process that begins at birth. With each passing minute from the moment we’re born, we are aging. Yet, aging is not the same as getting old, which according to the dictionary equates to irrelevant.

Based exclusively on biological determinants, the idea that aging implies an inferiority to youth is ludicrous. While certain physical attributes alter with years, many mental, emotional & impulse intangibles arguably only get better. Ageism, or a prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age is as wrong as racism or sexism. To deny the divine nature of any individual, for any reason is extremely flawed thinking.

Sadly, for those who believe in ageism, their beliefs may become a self-fulfilling prophecy that reflects in choices & outcomes. Instead of continuing to eat well, stay active, remain social, work, explore, learn, grow, collaborate, party & more…they stop doing…and old creeps in.

Value and worth takes on a new significance with age. Virtues, usefulness, caliber & inherent significance become richer by an accumulation of years of experiences. The fact is that until death the human body & mind is a living system with a remarkable capacity for regeneration and growth, along with enhanced creativity and, frankly, courageousness.

Aging isn’t for the weak-hearted. It’s a challenge like everything else in life—but we’ve handled every other challenge to date. Plus we’re in good company! 50% of the population in the US is now over age 50. 74 million of us are 51 to 69, and Americans 65+ are projected to hit almost 70 million over the next three decades. Thanks to a Silver Disobedient® attitude, growing health & fitness trends along with medical advances, the 85+ population is the fastest growing segment…and an unprecedented longevity surge is projected.

There’s no reason to be less than confident of living life at this stage. It’s time to outgrow the myths of old age.

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