(SP) Have you ever wanted to know another’s “secrets” for success? The real answers revealed as to “How does she do it”? Whether it’s an executive of a multi-million-dollar company, an overworked medical professional working 24-hour shifts, or a full-time mom who never gets time off from the job – there are some women that seem to do it all. What are their secrets to balancing their lives so that they can feel personally fulfilled while also maintaining positive and healthy relationships with their family and friends?

Experts suggest a variety of tips about daily habits for greater success and balance.  Making lists, scheduling “me-time,” exercising, eating nutritious meals on a regular schedule to avoid blood sugar drops and meditation all help. Scroll through Pinterest and you’ll find all kinds of boards sharing ways to meticulously organize a daily schedule. What many of them forget to advise?  Don’t do too much. Doing too much leads to exhaustion and burnout, which can cause health problems that most certainly may begin to impede success as energy and enthusiasm falter.  Smart women know this…or they learn it the hard way!

Take it from Arianna Huffington, one of 100 most influential people in the world, according to TIME and one of the most powerful women in business according to Forbes.  One day Ms. Huffington broke her cheekbone after collapsing from sleep deprivation and exhaustion. It was then when she realized she needed to change how she worked and lived.

So how can you prevent “doing too much?” One way is to figure out which responsibilities can be “taken off your plate,” without sacrificing well-being. For example, one might be to explore new meal delivery options that allow us to eat well – even when we don’t have time to cook or are stuck at work.

This is where healthy and convenience food services like EAT FIT GO come in. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, EAT FIT GO offers ready-to-eat, plant-based meals that are made in its USDA-regulated kitchen, vacuum sealed immediately, individually wrapped, and then sent via a temperature-controlled shipping box. The company has successfully delivered nearly 6 million individual, vacuum-sealed packaged meals to date, so their safety and quality can be assured. Their menu features a wide variety of flavors and can accommodate dietary restrictions like dairy, gluten and soy. EAT FIT GO also has low-carb and vegetarian options. Meals can be ordered in multiples of five, so you can easily plan and enjoy your whole workweek of healthy eating. And the only “prep” you have to do is just put EAT FIT GO meals in the microwave for a few minutes.

One less thing to think about, and to do, means more time to focus on your career, your family, and your personal health. After trying EAT FIT GO, you might just be tempted to post a #selfcare selfie!

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