Here’s the #1 Way to Live a Longer & Healthier Life:  STOP Multi-tasking.  Now!  Bet you didn’t expect that! But seriously, I’ve been thinking about this (can you imagine?!) for a long long time! 

When we’re multi-tasking, we’re not paying full attention to whatever is happening. Our attention is divided and therefore, not focused.  Here are just a few problems that multitasking can cause:

  • Falls:  Nobody wants to fall. But if you’re distracted as you’re rushing around, trying to do a zillion things, falling is a distinct possibility.
  • Car Accidents: These days too many are texting and driving. Not only can you kill yourself, you can kill and hurt others, too.
  • Obesity: Most people don’t sit and concentrate while eating. They’re eating on the run, emailing, watching TV or whatever —but not just focusing on satiation from the food. The result? Eating too much and possibly not the right foods to start with due to total lack of awareness. That’s why most people just suddenly say: Wow, I’m really stuffed! 
  • Bad Relationships: All research proves that we live longer with partners. Partnerships are based on conversations. If we’re multitasking while someone is trying to have a conversation with us, we aren’t listening. Not listening? That makes another feel unimportant and it’s difficult to maintain a healthy relationship if we don’t think another cares.
  • Poor Work: We all need money because it is essential to paying for food & shelter. Doing too many things at once, causes our work performance to falter or hit minimum vs. maximum levels. All of this adds up to stress. Stress results in sleepless nights and overall poor health.

So that’s the scoop. Stop multitasking and start improving your health and well-being today. We’ll all still “get it done” one thing at a time and possibly even way faster and more efficiently because we’ll have single-minded focus.  

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