Nothing about getting older implies we’ll become boring, stale, stogy, uninteresting, dull, humdrum or an old fogey. Still, too many fear such nonsense—although, ironically, most of the fearing is contained to those still considered “young.”

Interestingly, most who’ve actually become “older” are likely to share that they believe their years have made them more interesting, lively, intelligent, unusual, intriguing, balanced, compelling, curious and thoughtful in provoking ways. 

This is not to say that younger folks don’t have all these wonderful characteristics as well. They do. But it is to say, that those who lack enthusiasm for living in youth are quite likely to be the same ones who lack it in old age.  

So, relax!  Nobody has to worry about catching “dull disease” just because we’re getting older…BUT we might catch a bit of “Screw it, let’s do it”…which fascinatingly seems to become a common and endearing affliction in most 75+ year olds that I know! 

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