This is the time of year I normally head to Florida with my family to celebrate Easter with my 90 years young Mom and her wonderful husband. Sadly, we won’t be going this year because if we do, we’re supposed to quarantine ourselves for 14 days — which would be 4 days longer than our planned visit. I know I’m not the only one feeling sad about all kinds of separations. Life is too short and its extra frustrating when we want to see loved ones…and can’t.

Recently, a food company reached out to me via social media. My family and I tried 20 different meals that were sent to us. In complete sincerity — they were consistently delicious.

Since then, I’ve purchased gift boxes for my Mom, one of my sisters, a friend and the babysitter who worked with my family for twelve years who I still adore and admire.

If you want to send someone some healthy loving, I can sincerely recommend  The meals are fresh, not frozen; plant based, gluten-free; cooked in a Nebraska USDA regulated kitchen; individually wrapped; shipped in a temperature-controlled box and ready-to-go after 2 minutes in the microwave.

I can’t fly to FL to give my Mom the hug that I want to also get right now — but I know she & her husband can stay home, not have to cook and eat well during this time. It’s the same reason I’m sending these as gifts to others and genuinely recommending this as an option you may also want to consider.  

PS: This is my Mom, me and her wonderful husband Bernard. We took these photos last year in Vero Beach with the Atlantic Ocean in the background on the day the full Moon was shining brightly alongside the Sun! The light created crazy blur in most of the photos taken that day! 

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