Suppose if you drove to an appointment 100 miles away from your home, you’d be assured greater happiness, health & prosperity. You have the time to get there. But instead, you decide it would be more fun to drive 25 miles in the opposite direction. Seems ludicrous, right?

Yet, often when it comes to going straight to appointments we make with ourselves for our own fulfillment, we decide to go with the momentary fun—and drive the wrong way. Spending the same time and energy, we fail where we might have succeeded. And, believe me, it does take energy to fail.

It takes energy to resist motion. Powerful struggles are waged against the forces of life to remain inert—although these struggles sometimes takes place far beneath the surface of our consciousness, so we’re not always aware of this happening.

When failing to choose happiness, health and prosperity though devouring precious hours in time-wasting activities, it’s more obvious that energy is being diverted. For example, instead of taking a walk which would be using our energy to improve our moods and health, if we sit on the couch…we made a choice to spend our energy doing something that is counter to strengthening our bodies. Like the opening example, we drove in the wrong direction.

Considering that everything we do requires energy, what if we opted to use our energy as often as possible in ways that propelled us forward into a better state of being? We might be living healthier, happier, more prosperous lives like we hoped to live… until 100+

Those who make positive choices see the same sunsets, breather the same air, love and are loved no less than any of us…and, they have something more: The satisfaction of knowing they have chosen to go in in the direction of a life of health and growth.

PS:  I don’t know about you…but now that I’ve finished writing this, I’m pretty inspired to go take a walk!

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