Hair stylists, massage therapists and estheticians know that they provide a lot more than just a haircut, just a coloring, just a facial, just a wax, or just an acupuncture session. People enter these professions to not only make their clients look good and feel their best in a moment, but to build a long-term relationship with their customers – and thereby their communities.

Indeed, many people look forward to their salon and spa appointments because these types of services do wonders for self-care. Part of this self-care involves personalized attention where positive vibes are flowing between the provider and the client. Sometimes people talk about the fact that their hair stylist is also their “therapist” and it is not uncommon for people to drive to a different city or state after they move, just so they can still see their favorite hairstylist or other service professional.

This is also why many service providers in the salon and spa industries – and their customers – are particularly affected when they must close. While some do-it-yourself options exist, there is no substitute to working with a professional. For service providers, having to close even one day due to an illness means lost revenue, tips and disappointed customers who may opt to go elsewhere. That is why it is imperative that every hair stylist, masseuse and esthetician does not get sick while simply doing their jobs – and that they ensure all of their clients can equally feel comfortable in their space as well.

In order to reopen during a global pandemic, many regulations are in place that require the industry to wear face coverings to prevent the spread of germs through coughing, sneezing, or talking. Salon and spa owners have options as to the types of face coverings they can utilize. For example, a plastic face shield has all of the benefits of a cloth mask, but it also has many more features and may also offer better protection in the view of some medical professionals.

One example of a face shield, made completely in the USA, is the TrueHero™ Extreme Coverage Face Shield. These shields are very comfortable and lightweight, particularly for those who will need to wear one throughout the workday. They can be reused and easily sanitized. For those that wear glasses, wearing the TrueHero™ eliminates concerns about fogged up glasses – which certainly would not be good while cutting someone’s hair, applying acupuncture needles, or waxing an eyebrow!

Perhaps, most importantly, face shields like the TrueHero™ can allow for easier communication between a service provider and their clients because they are transparent and are not as muffled as cloth masks. Customers can feel comfortable being greeted with a warm smile, can hear your recommendations, and can literally see the enthusiasm on your face about the end results.

While reopening a salon or spa may not yet be completely like it was before, but for now using face shields like TrueHero™ can help to create a beautiful and healthy path forward.  (SP)