We all live by a set of rules whether we’re aware of them or not. Our personal realities are formed in the foundation of these rules…which does not necessarily reflect “reality” for others. It is our perception that is ruling these choices because consciously or not we established rules that we decided constituted acceptable behaviors. Our unconscious mind is a rule-follower—which means two things: 1) We are very good at following the rules we’ve set and 2) They may require some re-writing if something in our lives doesn’t seem to be working as well as we might like.

The rules we set are responses to people and events that influenced our lives. Many of these rules have healthy foundations, others possibly not so. 

When we find ourselves being the judge and jury —condemning some behavior or action or trait that we’ve observed in ourselves or another — that feeling of condemnation is the surest sign that one of our rules might need some deep introspective thinking. Maybe the rule still applies, but maybe it doesn’t. 

Remember: Your life, your rules. Within societal reason, we each get to decide—whether we realize it or not. Becoming conscious of these choices at any stage is life-changing and can free up your spirit like a butterfly.

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