Lately I find myself humming … “Row row row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.”   

Life is like a dream.  Sometimes it is like a good dream and sometimes it is like a bad one:  But in the end it is over.

Knowing this — I intend to row.  Knowing there will be waves that require navigating, but moving forward merrily. Because my reality will be the one I choose to set my sight on. Time is passing and life is too short to think otherwise.

I am the the president of my world. I dictate the laws — and my guiding law is one of awareness of my surroundings, people and all the information I can gather. I live by the Law of Awareness which is simply this: The presence of what I become aware of and choose to focus on will grow — seeming to be everywhere I look.

We can all see carnage that is heartbreaking. We can see everyday people who are heartwarming. We can also choose to become very aware by setting our sights on our own potential. We can use our creative energies to rise, become stronger mentally and physically: Embracing the work of taking care of our bodies and minds in all of the ways that allow us to grow and see new possibilities. On the other side of fear we find love, strength and power. 

PS: No, I’m not at the beach, I’m navigating NYC…but this photo fits the story!

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