We all have routine obligations and responsibilities that we must regularly keep to function and move forward in life, like work responsibilities and caring for others. That said, do we have to keep doing everything the same way every day? What if we changed things up and found ways to make the regular, same-old, gotta-get-it-done different? 

Let’s start with food. We all eat and sometimes it gets boring. Maybe it’s time to try cooking recipes from another region of the world, to take a gustatory trip without the travel. Maybe your trip to work in the morning is always via the same route; could the return home be done more scenically and maybe with a stop or two to explore a new neighborhood? What if dinner table discussions started with: “What did you learn today?” instead of “How did your day go?” This could even carry into how we relax. What if instead of watching TV, we pulled out paper along with water color paints or colored pencils and decide to test our artistic abilities. Or maybe we substitute a binge watch for a binge read? Choose a genre and maybe an author who has a character that has evolved over twenty years.

While we each have ongoing responsibilities, there are all kinds of ways we can shake up the routines. By changing things up within the status quo, we’re able to add color, adventure, fun, intrigue, learning and more to this thing called life.

Have any ideas? 

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