Everything has either kinetic or potential energy. Moving objects are said to have kinetic energy (KE). Stored energy is referred to as potential energy (PE).

Stored energy is released via work. For example, while a rock on the ground seems harmless, it still holds potential energy. Once we apply our own KE, or work to lift it, the energy of the rock increases because it has been elevated. It went from potential (PE) to kinetic (KE) because it can now be thrown and break a window. By applying some heavy lifting — work — that rock is no longer a lump on a log, but rather a powerful force in motion.

This example applies to every aspect of life because we are each either a mass of potential or kinetic energy. So the question becomes:  What work do we have to do to move our potential energy into powerful kinetic energy that moves us forward towards whatever we want to achieve?

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