Do you remember the glitter rock band Twisted Sister, lead by cross-dressing frontman Dee Snyder who delivered style and music with a great sense of humor? I started following the band back in the late 1970s when they played the clubs on Long Island, NY. I used to finish work at midnight and was too wound up to head home. So it was always a toss up choice: Go to a East Side Comedy Club owned by @richieminervini (a talented comedian himself) or go see Twisted Sister or the very amazing band, The Good Rats — that had a young @Bruce.Kulick as their shredding guitarist, who went on to play with KISS, Grand Funk, Meatloaf, Michael Bolton and others. I remember Bruce because my 18 year old self had a mega crush on him. And yes, those were the days you could go to clubs and release otherwise harmless teen angst as you busted a gut listening to uncensored comedy or sang and danced the night away swaying to great live music. 

I tell this story because years later, when our son started playing travel hockey at about 7 year old, the last song I’d play for him before he walked into the stadium was “We’re Not Gonna Take it” by @TwistedSisterOfficial  (You might even remember this song from the soundtrack of the classic film: Animal House) On multiple occasions, a few other parents raised brows and questioned my musical choices — and possibly my maturity and parenting ability — when I told them about my pre-game anthem choice.  I just smiled and took it all in. 

I played the song because I like rock anthems Also at the time, our son was one of the smaller boys on his team, yet a top scorer and very competitively intense. At every game, he was the target of the bigger, less talented boys who used their sheer size to attack, versus talent, skills & sportsmanship. 

At the time, I wanted to remind him: It’s not size that matters. What matters are our skills, commitment, perseverance, belief and our choices coupled with our voice to do the right things with whatever amalgamation is uniquely ours.

I think of this often. Now maybe, even more than then. 

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience