We met Robert Tom @rtomyogo who I nicknamed “FlexiMan” when I stumbled upon his Instagram page. (Here is just one of his remarkable poses!) He now inspires me daily. Robert works as an architect and professor in architectural engineering technology. He told me that he began practicing ashtanga & yin yoga in 2008 as alternative medicine for healing a herniated disc. Wanting to learn more, he attended ashtanga workshops while trying a variety of other styles as Yin Yoga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Tai Chi, Partner Yoga, Aerial yoga, Fascial Stretch therapy, pole yoga, and Bikram Yoga. His herniated disc healed. In 2014, after he completed the SmartFLOW 200 hour Training Program, his interest in yoga began to wane. But he met a young yoga instructor who reignited his interest. In January 2017, Robert discovered Instagram (IG) yoga, a new, kind, supportive, creative, encouraging, positive yoga world. He’s since won two Instagram yoga challenges. Robert happily says “Yoga is the fountain of youth.” I honor Silver Disobedient™ Robert Tom as a fabulous example of #SilverDisobedience