My Mother used to really annoy me when in High School she’d tell me to “Be kind to the unkind mean kids because they needed my kindness the most.” 

During that particularly extra insecure time in my life, my thinking was: “Whoa! Why me? Why should I take that first risky step?”

Then she’d raise the challenge, chiming in and saying something like: “Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life.”  

Double whammy I knew my complaining wouldn’t get me very far. Yes, both of my parents would have been there for me if I someone was really being a bully. In fact my Mom once ruined a friendship with a neighbor by defending one of my siblings to another parent: Yet, the next day all us kids were playing again as if it was just water under the bridge.  Yet, that other Mother wouldn’t talk to my Mother for years. I think both learned a lesson and I certainly learned by observing the pain in my Mother from the aftermath of the situation, because she pretty much got along with everyone.

Life is short. There will never be enough time to gladden the hearts of those who are struggling in their personal travels along the road of life. Be kind. Don’t wait. Can you spread some kindness today? How will you? Tell me! Let’s share some infectious kindness ideas. 

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