We all have our attachments. It’s good to understand what they are and how they help us move forward or hinder our growth.  Let me give you an example. Since moving to NYC in 1985, I’ve lived in over 20 apartments. That’s 20 moves in 37 years. Each move has become a deep reflection and almost an active meditation as I’ve had to determine what things come with me, which things stay, what gets donated and what gets given to those I might know or not. Needless to say, I can walk into a lot of homes and feel like “this was your life.” Sometimes it’s a comforting feeling to see my things worn by and used by others. Sometimes not so. ✨ Nonetheless, I still believe it’s important to practice detachment from material things so we can understand how we might cling to people, feelings, thoughts or situations — unconstructively — as well. ✨ To understand how attachment impacts our thoughts, imagine a favorite cup that you like to use when drinking your morning tea or coffee. Imagine it breaking. As insignificant as a cup is, you’d likely be a bit bothered. Now let’s say I have a really cool designer purse that I purchased years ago, that is still cool, but it’s too heavy to still carry (and is hurting my knees that I value more.) Can I give it away? Of course I can…but will I? What about the clothes that are crowding a closet?  Do you need them? Will you donate them or find others who’d enjoy them? ✨ By using this example and stepping up the stakes imagine the mortality of ourselves and those we love. Certainly not something we want to contemplate, but a fact of life. ✨ The reason I like to review attachments from the seemingly insignificant to the most significant is that it always helps me to remind me that life is what it is: Ever-changing whether we like it or not. What unsettles us most about this is our interpretation and the significance we place on each. And it is that significance we place that warrants contemplation. ✨

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