If you ever find yourself sitting around plotting revenge for some slight you perceive was inflicted upon you by another, it’s time to get busy. 

NOT busy with carrying out your revenge. Getting busy with your own life as it is today.  

Whenever I meet people holding on to anger, waiting for their moment of revenge, I shake my head.  While there is much about behavior I do understand, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the tendency to hang onto anger and resentment, wasting perfectly good, finite time — believing that there’s a way to punish the other person and ‘let them know’ what they did.

If there’s something that’s been lingering, it’s time to release that urge for revenge. Its the root of illness…and wrinkles. 

If you need to “give it to someone”— think long and hard. If you must, confront them. But otherwise, STOP. Time is passing. Hanging onto resentment is the ultimate waste of time.

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