Mercury is in retrograde. This means that planet Mercury appears to have reversed its usual orbit. The word “appears’ is relevant here, because in actuality, it’s an optical illusion. 

Those who believe that the celestial bodies throughout the Universe — planets, stars, the sun or moon— might impact our life on Earth, equate Mercury’s illusional retrograde position with breakdowns in communication, media, technology & travel.

Since our Sun defines our dawn and sunset, while the moon impacts tides around the world…and since police along with emergency workers like doctors and nurses report busier, crazier nights when the moon is dim…maybe Mercury does impact communication breakdowns. 

So perhaps if things aren’t going quite the way you’d like, if you’re experiencing unusual confusion, extra miscommunications, delays, frustrations, disagreements and blunders along with technology breakdowns and travel disruption —blame it on Mercury and astral forces… and be patient. Retrograde ends on October 2nd!

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