My boss in my junior year of HS was Mr. Francisco Alvarez. He was 67, and in many ways he was kind of another father figure or the grandfather that I never really met. We talked a lot and he took the time to teach me the intricacies of managing various aspects of a business. He trusted me with tremendous responsibility at a young age. We had a great relationship and shared a mutual fondness and respect.

That was until one day, I was disrespectful. I can’t remember what I said, but he didn’t like it. Yet, in the gentle way he always taught, he told me to come into his office. 

He asked me if I could imagine a bucket of water. Yes, I could do that. He asked if I could imagine putting my fist into the bucket of water and then pulling it out. Yes, I could do that, too. He asked if I could see the hole that was left in the bucket. No, I said, there is no hole. He said, Remember that. I hope you understand, and don’t ever speak to me like that again. 

Gentle, direct, clear, unquestionable message. I learned a lifetime worth of lessons that day about respect. Luckily for me, I heard the message loud and clear. We maintained a relationship filled with mutual admiration until he died in his 90s. 

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