Time and time again research proves 11 basic factors can exponentially benefit our health, mental well-being, physical abilities and likelihood of longevity. Here goes. Let’s see if you can score 100%! 1) Make sure you’re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday, ideally a variety of five or more.  2) Stop eating when you are full. Work on recognizing that physical feeling of fullness. Not sure what it feels like? Drink 4 big glasses of water and see what that feels like. For most, this will provide an indication of what a full stomach feel like. Then start observing that feeling at mealtimes. 3) Keep moving naturally: walking, stretching & dancing all count! 4) Breathe regularly and do something everyday that helps to relieve your stress. 5) Cultivate a sense of purpose. What’s important to you? Figure that out. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. It is all about doing something that is important to you…and working on it every day. 6) Love someone…or many. Care deeply about others. Pets count…people are even better albeit more challenging.  7) Spend time with others. Get out and increase your sense of belonging. While this may be difficult at first, the benefits far outweigh what might initially be uncomfortable. 8) Believe. God, Nature, a Higher Power…whatever. Believe that there is a universal energy that is there to help move you forward.  9) If you smoke, quit. Be moderate with alcohol if you drink. 10) Look both ways when you cross the street and don’t drink or text and drive. AND…The Most Important of All… 11) Don’t take anything in life too seriously. Laugh at yourself. Laugh in the moment. Laugh when you cry. Don’t wait until illness or death puts life into perspective. Put on your cape and smile!

Let me know how you’re doing…

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