We all have different expectations that we place on our intimate relationships. Some of us can’t imagine doing anything without our significant others. Others can’t imagine doing everything with one person and crave the bonds of camaraderie with friends.

At every phase of relationships, these dynamics can shift. If the shift is causing strife on one party or resistance from the other, a conversation of expectations is likely necessary.  

While asking for “permission” to see friends might seem suffocating, it might also be a way to show your relationship respect. It affirms each others’ rights to grow within and outside of a relationship.

No one person can ever be our “be all and end all.”   Friendships outside of our primary relationships are essential. Not everyone likes to shop or watch movies or stay up late contemplating our existence.  The goal of healthy relationships is balance and trust.

We need to trust that the foundation of our relationships is strong.  If you find yourself increasingly feeling that your partner is disappointing you — it is likely time to have a heart-to-heart discussion about your expectations of the relationship which needs to include how you both would benefit from spending some fulfilling time with others.  Doing so tends to strengthen, not weaken relationships.

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