The best way to define our future is to reinvent it. There is absolutely nothing concrete and predictable happening in the next minute. Not in the next hour. Not tomorrow either. So, there is nothing stopping you from reinventing yourself right now. We each get to decide if we want to change in any way for the better and move forward…or not. Just like well-know brands hire agencies to update their images to stay vital in the eyes of consumers—we ourselves benefit from updates, refreshing new looks and even extremes of total self-reinvention like new careers, moves, and +++

The more we put our inventing abilities to the test in the present…the more likely we will increase our feelings of being invigorated as we up the daily ante for the possibilities of greater life satisfaction.

It’s never to late to say, “Today’s the day I’m reinventing myself.” Try it! It’s very addicting and invigorating to allow yourself to be different everyday.

While your reinvention could be something large…and we’ll leave the definition of “large” to each of our individual interpretations…A new haircut; wild nail polish color; driving down a new road and being more observant; risking a conversation with someone; scribbling & doodling to explore your artistic side; writing a poem; penning a love letter and maybe even giving it to someone; sharing a new idea with your boss or a client; a new pair of eyeglasses; wearing a shirt in a color you’d never in the past consider; whatever…it all counts!

Nothing is stopping you from reinventing your future right now. Self-reinvention is actually an excellent example of hope in action.

PS:  All this color is a challenge for me to be exposed to. I’m color-blind…and my personal wardrobe is black and white!

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