Self-reflection can be either a motivating force for positive changes going forward or a form of self-torture that keeps us stuck in unproductive thinking.

When opting for self-reflection, it is wise to only allow ourselves brief peeks into these windows because reflecting takes us out of the moment. When we start thinking about how we reacted, what we did, a comment we may have made, what someone else did — we are no longer present.

The present moment is really all we have, so it’s not very wise to use it up reflecting on what could have, should have, would have or what ought to have happened if things were somehow different. Our pasts likely had both wonderful and hurtful moments–and everything in between. Nonetheless, it is past.

Reflect briefly, but do not linger in extended stays of reflection. Benefit comes only from brief glances — much like catching a reflection in a window. From brief reflections, we can gather our thoughts, our emotions and our energy. Moving forward with conviction and trust that we are on the right path. Our future actions reflecting what we have learned.


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