This time of year is marked by reflection. Many of you have expressed both feelings of sadness and joy as we move into the holidays. We recollect (read that re-collect) moments in time — wondering why they unfolded as they did. Sometimes, questioning.  Could things have been different?

In our hearts, we have the answers to who we are, what we want, and all that we want to become. Our wisdom comes from knowing this. At any age, when we own all that we have gained from whatever experiences we’ve had over the years — and this includes the good, bad and ugly — while still seeking to learn, we truly own our power because we have matured enough to maintain respect and patience for the process.

Hold your chin up. Embrace who you are and who you are becoming. Know that you can handle life and all its highs and lows. Accept the power of your decades of experience. 

Experience — which is what we get after we needed it — is really a superpower. Everyone wants experience. But you can’t have experience until you get it.

Go shine & show the World your unique brand of experience. Nobody else has what you’ve got. 

That’s a fact. 

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