Many years ago, a professional referee who works for a big name sports franchise shared a story with me. (I’m protecting his privacy by not disclosing any more.) He was early on in his career and one day he complained to his boss about his wife, a very lovable woman who was working full-time as a teacher while also raising their three young children. His boss gave him this advice:   

“If you want to be successful in this highly competitive business, and manage to stay happily married with all the traveling you’ll be doing —a stable home is essential. So, before you tell your wife one thing you don’t like about her, before you complain about anything she does—make sure you’ve first told her 50 things you admire about her. If you can do that first, then go ahead and complain about whatever you want. But remember, this is an ‘every 24 hour requirement’: Find and tell her 50 positives every 24 hours before you start complaining. I expect you to report to me about your progress.”

Can you imagine? Wow! What a wise man who clearly valued the worth of a partner & family; understood human nature; and, knew the effort (& kindness) essential to maintaining relationships. I never forgot this story. Its lessons can be applied to so many of our interactions with others, as well as with ourselves. What an effective practice to get rid of those thoughts, like:  If only she didn’t…If only he could… If only I wasn’t…If only they would…

What if we all stopped thinking about why we can’t be happy and accepting of another—or ourselves—exactly as we are? What if instead we began thinking about all the positives and why each of us is worthy of love? Just an idea to ponder…or better yet…Try!

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