What is the key to feeling youthful? Some may argue it is the feeling of vitality – energized, relevant, strong and active. Here are some ways that can help support feeling your best:

Drink water

Water is key to life – as humans can only survive for a few days without it. Why is water so important? According to a study published in Nutrition Reviews, not having enough water intake can have an effect on mood and may even have an effect on concentration, alertness and short-term memory. And, water is also important for helping the body to digest and absorb nutrients from food, according to the National Institute on Aging.

Get moving with exercise

It is well-documented that exercise can not only help people stay in shape physically, but also can have additional well-being benefits. A study published in The Journals of Gerontology studied people ranging in age from 40 to 94 and compared those who were exercisers and those who were not. It found that some of the most noticeable benefits of exercising were a better mood, higher energy levels, and even improvements in sleep. Adults in this study who exercised generally felt good all around.

Support Nitric Oxide in the body

Nitric oxide is a super-molecule that supports healthy blood flow by allowing the arteries to relax and widen. Healthy blood flow means that vital organs, muscles and tissues get the oxygen and nutrients they need for optimal performance. Keeping arteries healthy and flexible can even support healthy blood pressure.

One way to boost natural nitric oxide levels can be found in cocoa beans. Cocoa beans contain powerful compounds called flavanols, and scientific studies have shown that these cocoa flavanols help your body naturally increase its production of nitric oxide.

Getting enough cocoa flavanols daily without consuming a lot of calories along with it can be tricky. However, researchers at Mars Inc. have developed a way to extract cocoa flavanols in high concentrations so you can experience the maximum health benefits.  The overall health benefits of the 750 mg found in the cocoa flavanols daily supplement CocoaVia™ Memory+ have been studied for decades (including 10 years of memory research), with double-blind, randomized clinical studies (the gold standard) and hundreds of published research papers. Studies have shown memory improvements in just eight weeks. When taken daily, these cocoa flavanols have been shown to support healthy heart and brain function.

Feeling your best every day can be simple. Daily habits like drinking enough water to stay hydrated, getting exercise and boosting the body’s natural levels of nitric oxide can help to ensure that you can experience energy and vitality.

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