Imagine an 18 month old child. Imagine you’re in charge of watching them. Imagine how many times you might say: Don’t touch that. Put that down. Not in your mouth. Look at this. I love that smile. Such purity. 

The range of thoughts would be broad and many.

Within this exercise we can rebirth our senses. 

Imagine touching things (or someone) for the first time. Imagine looking at their every expression, studying their actions and facial expressions. Imagine the textures. Absorb the richness of colors. Take time to really taste what you’re eating instead of simply a quick chew and swallow. Imagine seeing your child, partner, friends as their purest essence. Recall the bonds of deep trust. Move all this from imagination to reality by actions.

Doing this releases the energy of an eternally youthful spirit.

PS: This photo is from a campaign I did awhile back but it fits the vibe of this post.

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