Impulsive responses are on the rise in conversations when we could be reaping greater returns with better investments in time and courage. Other than emergencies, an impulsive response is rarely our best choice and it often triggers something we regret.✨

On the flip side, the process of stopping, thinking, processing and making a carefully considered decision usually leads to a greater sense of self-esteem which is a source of self-worth which is ultimately our personal wealth. ✨

The reasoning for investing time and courage into our decision-making  is simple. There’s little we can truly control in life, but we can control our words and significant aspects of our physical expression.  When we make conscious, purposeful choices we are publicly declaring who we are and what is right for us.  Impulsive responses? Maybe not so.✨

It is worth our time to stop. Listen. Decide if we’re ready to respond. And, when we do respond, ask if our response accurately portrays who we believe we are. It takes a moment of time and a bit of courage to do so.  But looking back, most of us would agree these steps are well worth the investment. 

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